Resources for Collaboration

Trello – a free and powerful collaboration tool

There are many free online tools to assist with collaboration. One we use at the Working Together More Fund is Trello. Find out about how this tool can help you manage your collaborative projects – and your individual workflow.

WTMF YouTube Channel 

We occasionally link to informative videos on collaboration. You can access these on the WTMF YouTube playlist.

Checklists: Prepare & Implement Rewarding Collaborations 

If you’re thinking about collaborating – or perhaps you’re ready to enter into a partnership but aren’t sure where to start, these checklists will help. Based on feedback from Working Together More Fund grantees, these tools help you think about the collaborative process for effective delivery.

They will help structure thinking so your collaboration is based on sound planning while ensuring a positive project culture keeps the ideas flowing. It’s about helping you achieve your project goals and where possible exceed your outcomes.

As always your feedback is invited to help us maximise the benefit of these resources.

Analyse your partnerships 

If your organisation works in partnership with others or is considering entering into a new partnership, try this tool from Australia’s Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth).

Use the Partnerships Analysis Tool to assess, monitor and maximise the ongoing effectiveness of your partnerships.

Last revised in 2011, it includes information on changing organisations. Although the tool is presented in the context of health, the activities are relevant to any project or partnership.

If partnerships are to be successful, they must have a clear purpose, add value to the work of the partners, and be carefully planned and monitored. The Partnerships Analysis Tool helps organisations:

  • develop a clearer understanding of the range of purposes of collaborations
  • reflect on the partnerships they have established
  • focus on ways to strengthen new and existing partnerships by engaging in discussion about issues and ways forward.

Download the Partnerships Analysis Tool (PDF). You can also download an editable PDF of the checklist.