Updated Resources for Collaboration

During the past two years, WTMF commissioned an independent review of the outcomes achieved as a result of support for many collaborations. We were heartened by the results – intended and unintended…

…the results were extremely encouraging and included high levels of unmet community needs being addressed, increased collaboration with others beyond the funded collaboration, improvements in programme outcomes and quality of services delivered by grant recipients. Additionally there was evidence of financial savings, ability to better use resources and improved use of human resources. The research has assisted us to keep a clear focus on high quality collaborations and retain the strong level of support from the 8 philanthropic trusts who provide the funding.

Alongside this there was a great deal of feedback on the challenges faced by organisations collaborating. This feedback has been used to update our ‘preparing for collaboration‘ and ‘when collaboration‘ checklists.

These are available on our Resources Tab page and can assist groups considering collaborating – and those who are actively collaborating. We trust they are of assistance to you.