Small Change in WTMF Membership

Late last year the Wayne Francis Charitable Trust (WFCT) reaffirmed its long commitment to Christchurch youth. Support of young people is the Trust’s core purpose and for 2018 it will increase its local contribution. This decision means WFCT has had to make a tough call which will see the Trust withdraw from the Working Together More Fund so it can redirect funding to meet increasing local needs.


WFCT is a pro-interactive regional grantmaker in Christchurch which has contributed to the Working Together More Fund as part of its commitment to collaborative practice.  However, in order to achieve its purpose WFCT must prioritise spending and redirect core funds to its local region, in particular because of the issues facing young people in the post-quake Christchurch environment.

As a founding member of the Working Together More Fund, WFCT values the opportunity to both work with other family philanthropic funders and enable collaboration in the community.  WFCT has enjoyed being part of the development and work of the Working Together More Fund to date.  The stories of Working Together More Fund recipients demonstrate the innovative and thoughtful work occurring across New Zealand.  The Working Together More Fund is in a great position to support this work into 2018 and beyond, and WFCT will remain connected to the Fund and its work, and support it wherever possible.

Bede Martin, Working Together More Fund Project Manager, is able to confirm all other contributing Funders – Hugh Green Foundation, The Tindall Foundation, Todd Foundation, D V Bryant Trust and J R McKenzie Trust – have committed to ongoing support of the Working Together More Fund, with the Todd Foundation increasing its contribution and affirming it for the next three years.