Grantee Report


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  • We seek a report on your collaboration to provide insights for WTMF and experiential information for other non-profit organisations to learn from.
  • Reports are considered by participating WTMF trusts and foundations to assist them:
  • • Retain a current focus for the Fund
  • • Ensure grants are best directed for maximum impact
  • • Maintain resource material on the WTMF website
  • • Ensure our criteria, guidance and application form remain sharp and targeted, keeping non-eligible applications to a minimum.
  • Reports are not published or circulated beyond this audience without your permission.
  • If you know your grantee number, please enter it here.

  • Please summarise what your collaboration was and why you launched it.
  • List up to five outcomes you successfully achieved:

  • List any unexpected but positive outcomes achieved:


    List up to three examples of what was critical to the success of your collaboration (you may like to refer to the WTMF website to recap on what success-factors lead to best-practice collaboration - visit the criteria page and click on 'guidance'):
  • Are there ways this experience of collaboration will change the way your organisations operate in the future?


    Thank you for your time. This report will now be submitted to Bede Martin, WTMF Operations Manager. It will be collated with several reports and shared with the WTMF Committee Members.
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