Important! Before applying…sign

Check your eligibility on the ‘Criteria’ page and review the ‘collaboration guidance’ and ‘FAQ’ tabs.

In order for your application to be reviewed in the next funding round:

  • The lead organisation needs to complete this application
  • WTMF rarely exceeds grants of $30,000 to support mergers and $20,000 for collaborations. If your proposal exceeds these figures, we suggest you contact the Project Manager before applying
  • After submitting your application, email the following to within one week:
    • Evidence of your legal status (if not registered with the Charities Service)
    • List of your board/committee members
  • Your online application can be saved for future editing (60 days only). Use the ‘save and continue later’ link at the bottom of the application form – be sure to both copy the link provided and enter your email address to ensure future access – do this each time you select to ‘save and continue later’ 
  • To help you and your partner(s) prepare for your application, you may wish to download a PDF of the application questions (or this Microsoft Word version).

Responsibility for ensuring your application has been received by the deadline sits with you. After submitting your application, a copy is automatically emailed as confirmation. If it doesn’t arrive in 24 hours, check your spam folder. If you still can’t locate a copy, email




How are applications reviewed and decisions made (click to enlarge)?