About WTMF

The Working Together More Fund (WTMF) was established to help groups wanting to work together to achieve greater results for our communities…

…as the name indicates, working together more can achieve great things to help deliver better quality, more convenient or a greater number of services for our communities.

Representatives of funders Wayne Francis Charitable Trust, J R McKenzie Trust, Todd Foundation and The Tindall Foundation came together in 2009 to discuss how they could best help NGOs to manage through the recession and into the years ahead. The funders commissioned research and consultation into collaboration and found that:

  • Community groups work together a lot already
  • Successful collaboration takes time and is not always easy
  • It is unlikely to work if forced
  • It can add significant value to groups’ effectiveness and efficiency

In October 2009, the Working Together More Fund – He Pūtea Mahi Tahi – was launched. Two years later in 2011, The Hugh Green Foundation joined the group followed by the DV Bryant Trust in 2013, the Len Reynolds Trust in 2018 and the Lindsay Foundation in 2019.


The Working Together More Fund supports collaborations and mergers that bring long-term benefits to non-profit organisations and the communities they serve.

Ways organisations can collaborate

Some of the ways in which collaboration can happen are when two or more organisations:

  • Share physical facilities such as office space and equipment
  • Share ‘backroom’ services – payroll, accounting, IT etc
  • Share volunteers, secondment of staff
  • Cooperate at a planning level including allocating activities/clients to reduce duplication
  • Share aspects of management and/or governance
  • Merge to form one organisation

While a level of working together is expected as part of normal operations for all organisations, sometimes collaboration over and above ‘business as usual’ can bring significantly improved services to clients including efficiency and effectiveness gains for the organisations involved.

Take a look at our ‘stories ’ page to see how we’ve worked with community organisations wanting to partner with other groups for great results. Our ‘Criteria & Dates’ page outlines the sorts of initiatives the fund supports.